You think life stinks now that you need a locksmith? How do you know if the locksmith that you call will even show up? Will there be more damage to your lock than initially thought and cost a lot more money to replace?

You are wondering to yourself; this could take hours. All the time spent looking for a locksmith, then even more time worrying that the locksmith service might cost a lot of money. Let alone the time involved when the locksmith arrives!

Lets face it, your life stinks.

You are locked out and its getting later by the minute. Worse yet it might start raining and you will be lost heading for cover. …still waiting for the locksmith who said that they would be there an hour ago. Is it late right now?

Even if you are in a “safe neighborhood” it doesn’t matter because criminals are more active at night and target wealthier neighborhoods. You could be prey in their target right now. This is an emergency situation and there you sit and wait.

You begin wondering; I could be suddenly murdered any second and not even realize that I am dead. For this? For a stupid locksmith taking his time eating donuts. Are you serious?

If you are in an emergency lockout situation be sure to make yourself safe first, then call a locksmith.

A fan commented on our locksmith blog that they have actually faked a heart attack just so that medical services and police would come to her aid. Turns out that it was just heartburn and diarrhea the medical people who arrived said.

But she was safe…

That’s her story and she’s sticking to it! I read that blog comment and thought that it was the most ridiculous thing that I had ever read on the internet. This woman was terrible in many other ways than just faking heart attacks. So, don’t do that at home.

We recommend that you go ahead and research locksmiths in your area ahead of time. Everyone needs to personally know a locksmith service in their area. It’s important to make a personal connection ahead of time so that you will have the confidence in their emergency locksmith services to come and rescue them quickly, at anytime of the day or night.

If you could realize that you were murdered you would think to yourself, I am dead for a busted car key and $27? That would be ridiculous! Save a locksmith into your smart device right now. Why think such terrible thoughts?

When you are sitting on the road you can be taking active measures to insure your safety and be ready to be attacked. Many vehicles have steering wheel locking devices (The Club), tire irons, fishing knives, pepper spray, some kids toys, flares, or even gasoline. Let me tell you this; a crazy woman with gasoline is sure to scare anything within 50 yards.
Now that you are well armed you need to establish a threaten posture and stay like that until help arrives. But it is important to relax on the inside by taking big deep breaths. Inhale-exhale. If you made the right call you should have a locksmith service to your rescue within 10-15 minutes.

If they are a legitimate locksmith service they will be coming in well marked official locksmith service vehicles. In most cases they will have yellow lights on the roof. This way is best because it is better not to get the police involved. And trying to fight medical bills for a faked heart attack is very difficult too.

There is a lot involved when it comes to remaining safe when you are scared on the side of the road. Lose your money, lose your mind and even worse, potentially lose your life!

Locksmiths are a vital service keeping people safe and back to their normal safe lives. There are police hiding out everywhere so that is some reassurance that if there is an attack they will be there to calm you for 15 minutes before all of the blood leaks out from the injuries that you received when you were attacked while you waited for an unreliable locksmith.

Think this is nonsense? It happened to Bill Cosby’s Son in Los Angeles in the late 1990’s.

Bill Cosby’s Son was stuck with a flat tire on the side of the road when he was killed in an attempted car jacking robbery. Just a horrible thing to happen to such a nice young man.

Have you started to think about what you will be using as personal defense? Give it some thought.

After you read this you will want to gather up tree branches, pieces of metal, flares, small explosives like fire crackers, a good pocket knife and a barrier around your current situation. Nothing or no one can penetrate your impenetrable barrier.

Get into the mindset of a princess warrior from the Viking days (or whatever your fantasy) and get yourself really worked up. Super Mad Warrior Princess! (or Man)

Your safety should be treated like a military life and death situation. If you have children, arm them with small weapons. Teach your children how to kill small animals like chickens and goats. Show them the fastest way to kill an animal. The ability to swiftly kill an animal is a must need to know for any child living in war zones or bad ghettos around the world. In those parts of the world the needed skills to survive are much different then they are in the United States.

Where ever you are located you need to have a family plan. If you live in places like Mexico every one in the family has a weapon and is prepared to retaliate with gun fire at any moment. That is exhilarating to some people, but way scary to most Americans. Think about it; don’t be crazy. Get to know a locksmith today!